26.09.2013 Van Helsing: Thaumaturge
After the first DLC - Van Helsing: Blue Blood - for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, the Van Helsing: Thaumaturge is also available on Steam. Just as in the base game, our 3D team made several character models, environments and animation.
22.05.2013 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
The highly anticipated action RPG from Neocore Games is out now on Steam. Our 3D team took part in the project and made several assets proving their skills in character modeling, environment modeling and animation.
06.05.2013 Darl Mysteries: The Soul Keeper
The brand new HO Adventure game from cerasus.media is out. Our team created 2D artwork: Backgrounds, HO backgrounds, Characters and Puzzles. The visual quality is rated 4/5 by the Big Fish Games customers. You can try it on BFG
27.12.2012 Kings & Warlords
Kings & Warlords is a browser based social game form Digital Chocolate. Our 3D team created several characters and units. You can try it on FaceBook
27.04.2012 Urban Survivors
The zombie themed card game, Urban Survivors from DeNA is out on Google Play. Our 2D team made character artwork and objects for this android title.
25.03.2012 Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness
The Hidden Object Adventure game based on H.P. Lovecraft has been released on PC/MAC, iPad and Android. Our team created more than 30 backgrounds and characters for the game. Standard 2D backgrounds, parallax 2D backgrounds and HO backgrounds were also created. The visual quality got 4+/5 rating from Big Fish Games customers. Try it on BFG!
23.03.2012 Sine Mora released on XBOX Live Arcade!
Sine Mora the title co-developed by Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture has been released today on the XBOX Live Arcade Marketplace. Our company worked together with Digital Reality and created nearly all of the 3D art assets for the game including 3D level environments, bosses, enemies and player fighters. It was amazing to work together with such high-profile developers and legends like Akira Yamaoka, “Suda 51”, or Theodore Reiker the creator of the Sine Mora universe. Check out the launchtrailer!
12.02.2012 Casual Connect
Last week our company attended Casual Connect in Hamburg to present our 2D and 3D art capabilities in Hidden Object and Adventure games for the casual developers. We will shortly update the sample section with the casual references as well.
28.01.2012 King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame
One of the biggest titles we worked on in 2011 was King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame which was released on Steam today! It was a pleasure to bring the beautiful concept arts of Neocore Games into 3D life. We created 3D character models, textures, monsters, 3D animations and 3D environment as well.
23.12.2011 Happy Holidays
2011 was a very exciting year to our company. We provided 2D and 3D art support for several high-profile core and casual games, most of them will arrive next year. We moved into our new office and looking forward to the next missions in 2012. We would like to wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2012!
07.08.2011 Sine Mora XBLA / PSN
We are proud to introduce you the teaser trailer of Sine Mora, a diesel-punk shoot 'em up game co-developed by video game band Grasshopper Manufacture and old-timer Digital Reality. We started 1 year ago the art production of 3D assets, and really love that we can show something. The title is due to release in Q4 so you still might need to wait to see all the environments, enemies, bosses, player fighters and all the complete levels created and animated by our studio.
06.08.2011 Kung-Fu High Impact for Xbox360 + Kinect
Everybody wants Kung-Fu Fighting especially if you can experience all the features of the Xbox Kinect device. Our studio proudly announce that we made 3D enemies and numerous 2D Cut-scene backgrounds and elements for this upcoming game by Virtual Air Guitar Company. The game will be presented to public at GamesCom Cologne August 17th - 21st.
21.07.2011 GamesCom, Cologne 2011
OtherSide OutSourcing will be at GamesCom on 17.08.2011-19.08.2011. Please email to schedule a meeting. We will be presenting our 2D and 3D art outsourcing and animation services.
16.05.2011 E3 Show
OtherSide OutSourcing will be attending E3 Show in Los Angeles between 07.06.2011-09.06.2011! We would like to introduce our latest 3D and 2D artworks and animations and our outsourcing services.

16.04.2011 CGI TV Spots
Yes, we just completed some TV spots for a pharmacy company which will be aired in the cable networks: Comedy Central, AXN, Cool TV etc. Technically 3D modeling and 3D animations were involved after the 2D storyboards.
03.01.2011 Happy New Year
Wishing you all the best for 2011!

210.11.2010 Dragons’ Den Iphone & Ipad
New platform in our portfolio. Sometimes it’s harder to create realistic environment with smaller poligon budgets especially if you need to copy the real show. We made complete scene for the Iphone game based on the famous Dragons’Den reality available in the Appstore!

01.08.2010 K11 Kommissare im Einsatz Wii & PC
We are proud to inform you that our artists created 12 realistic characters based on the German K11 series for the WII, PC and NDS game: K11 Kommissare im Einsatz which was released on 15.04.2010.

27.07.2010. Gamescom Cologne!
Meet OtherSide OutSourcing on Gamescom in Cologne between 18-20. August. To schedule a meeting, contact us. We are happy to present our updated portfolio and discuss business opportunities.

22.03.2010. Perfect Dark XBLA
The highly anticipated next-gen remake, Perfect Dark has been released last week. The game got extremely high user ratings, congratulations to 4J Studios! We are proud that our artists were involved in the art production.

15.02.2010. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
The brand new sequel of the famous Silent Hill series Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will be released in Europe shortly, but there are already several reviews based on the US version. We are proud to spread the world that our artists worked on the environments and levels in this high-profile project.

Visually, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is stunning.” Can be read in the Nitendo World Report review and the Graphics got 9.0 out of 10 which is awesome! Climax did great job again, and thanks to them the work of several Hungarian artists can be seen in the game.

We have uploaded some official screenshots to show these elements.

11.02.2010. Crysis Warhed-OpenOutcast Oasis release!
Our Art Director is taking part in the development of a Crysis Warhead mod: Open Outcast Oasis. This mod is an adaptation of the high-profile Outcast title of Appeal from 1999 with high-tech art and with a brand new story. The first public demo has been released today. For futher information please check: www.openoutcast.org

09.02.2010. New 2D Art samples
There are new 2D Art samples available in our samples section. More samples are availabel upon request – please write to our BizDev team.

24.12.2009. Happy Holidays
OtherSide OutSourcing would like to wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2010.
26.10.2009. Complete FPS art content in 4 months!
OtherSide OutSourcing is proud to spread the word that we are ready te the complete artwork of an FPS game in 4 months time. If you have the engine, but you don’t have capacity to create the art, why would you let it sit in your backup drive? Contact us for pricing and content information.
15.10.2009. New Website
The new website has been launched.