Our experienced team of senior artists is ready to develop your ideas from scratch to engine-ready state. With more than 15 years of experience in the video game industry our art team is looking forward to the challenge.

3D Character Modeling, Texturing and Animation


- realistic or cartoony

- humanoid or extraterrestrial

- high or low polygon

- rigged or skinned

- any artistic style or any technical brief

3D Environmental Assets Modeling, Texturing and Animation

- general level fills for your game

- 3D Props Modelling and Texturing

- weapons, shields, any prop assets

- 3D Complete Levels and Scenes

We are able to create complete 3D levels or areas for your game based on your descriptions and conceptual guidance. The assets can be delivered in engine ready state, so you might save this process as well!

2D Art & Concept Art


- conceptual art

- 2D in-game art

Game Development


- Unity 3D Engine

- Art & Animation

- Music & SFX

- Testing & Localization