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OtherSide OutSourcing worked for several high-profile developers and publishers in the gaming industry creating content for amazing projects.

Dazzle Rocks - Artwork fro mobile game Super Spatial
Big Fish Games - marketing artworks
Electronic Arts logo - city builder mobile game artwork
Zynga logo - Game artwork for Farmville 3 mobile game
1DER Entertainment logo - 10+ mobile, VR and PC games complete artworks
Cerasus media - artwork for hidden object adventure games
AMA logo - mobile game artwork
Machine Studios - mobile game artworks
Double Loop Games - mobile game artwork
AAA Game Studios logo - artwork for Golf 5 VR game
Digital Reality logo - Sine Mora complete artwork
Virtual Air Guitar Company
Soul & Vibe interactive - artwork for several mobile project
Northern Stars logo - artwork for mobile game
Dena logo - mobile game artwork
DR Studios logo - mobile game artwork
Icarus Games logo - Hidden object game complete artwork
Mind Elevator Games - mobile strategy game artwork
Prior Games logo - XBox, Playstation and PC game artwork
Digital Chocolate logo - Facebook game artwork
Sunward Games logo - Hidden object game backgrounds
Black Hole logo - Heroes VI artwork

“OtherSide OutSourcing created the majority of the 3D content of Sine Mora. I was always amazed by their high quality level and dedication of the project and keeping all my crazy deadline expectations.”

Theodore Reiker, Game Director & Design Guru, Digital Reality

OtherSide OutSourcing logo - 2d and 3d art
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